Welcome to Thinklogical Technology 100 Online Training. Technology 100 is the entry course into Thinklogical Education, and is a prerequisite to all online courses that are and will be available in the Technology Series.

Technology 100 lays down a solid foundation and background in KVM, AV, & Fiber prior our Hand-on class. As the technology world grows and evolves, it is beneficial to remain up to date with latest industry standards. Tech 100 provides a known knowledge degree for a smooth transition into other Technology Courses in our Series. 

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Tech 100 Overview:

  • KVM Extension & Switching
  • Digital Video
  • DDC & EDID
  • Audio
  • Peripherals
  • Fiber

Tech 100 Outline & Learning Objectives


KVM Extension & Switching

  • Traditional Desktop KVM Switches
  • Basic TL KVM Extension Solutions
  • Learning & Understanding Benefits of a Fiber Based KVM Extension System
  • Basic TL Terminology & Understanding TL Fiber Data Flow
  • Recognize TL Matrix Switches & Understanding Multicasting
  • Understanding Blocking vs Non-Blocking Switching
  • Basic Overview of TL Partitioning
  • Basic Overview of TL Restricted Switching


Digital Video

  • Recognize and understand differences between DVI-I & DVI-D
  • Understand HDMI 1.4a vs HDMI 2.0 & each’s limitations 
  • Become familiar with DP and its bandwidth
  • Identify Single Link; Dual Link; 4K Resolutions & bandwidth requirements
  • To Understand Cooper Cable Distance Limitations
  • What is High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection; HDCP
  • How HDCP effects KVM Extension
  • Version 2.x of HDCP vs HDCP v1



  • Defining Display Data Channel Communication
  • Understanding Extended Display Identification Data 
  • Learning TL’s DDC Modes, covering differences & applications 
  • Direction of Edid data flow in a Switched environment.



  • Identify Digital Audio Connector Types; RCA, TOSLINK, BNC, XLR, HDMI, DP
  • Become familiar with Digital Audio Formats; S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Embedded HDMI & DP Audio
  • Audio in a Extension environment.
  • Understanding Embedded Audio thru HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI



  • Describe the differences between USB 2.0 & HID
  • Understand the need to remove USB 2.0 at the User Level
  • CAC Card & Token Readers
  • Understanding Basic needs for isolated Video/Audio/KM



  • Explain the differences between Multimode & Single mode Fiber
  • Know the characteristics of OM1; OM2; OM3; OM4 Fiber & Distance Limitations
  • Identify all Connector Types used by TL, LC, SC, ST, Neutrik 
  • Recognize Different Fiber Cable Types; Zip cord, Distribution, Loose Tube, Breakout
  • Best practices; Cleaning, Connecting, Troubleshooting

Training Personnel

Training Manager, BSEE, MSIT, MBA

Tom Orazietti

My name is Tom Orazietti and have been overseeing and implementing the Thinklogical training efforts since 2021. Prior to Thinklogical, I spent the better part of a decade with Sikorsky Aircraft Naval Hawk, VH, and Black Projects as an Electrical Engineer, several years leading a Research & Development team pursuing cutting edge Internet of Things solutions, and a few years as the IT and Software Development Director for an international telecommunications installation company. Throughout my career, I have continuously engaged in higher education tutoring, adjunct teaching, as well as Engineering, IT, and AV consulting.

In 2021, I was given the opportunity to combine all aspects of my experience and lead the training efforts of Thinklogical with the directive to provide ample opportunities for partners and customers to have hands-on time with our equipment. Since 2022 when COVID restrictions were finally loosened, we have offered a complementary training every month as well as provide options for on-site training events during off weeks.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly, or email [email protected] to reach our entire team!

Training Specialist, BSEE, MBA

Simon Salamanca

My name is Simon Salamanca and have been a Technical Demo and Training Center Specialist for Thinklogical since 2020. I am located at the Advanced Technology Concepts Center (ATCC) in Vienna, VA and reside as the curator of this location.

After obtaining my degree in Electronic Engineering and working in the communications and education sectors, I moved to the United States and became a naturalized citizen. My professional experience is related to projects and technical activities in the sectors of Telecommunications, Data Communication and mainly Information Transmission using fiber optics. I have worked as a Technical Instructor, Product Applications Engineer, as a Fiber-to-Home Network Designer, Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Field Engineer, as well as Product Information Manager.

For more than 20 years as a Technical Instructor, I have had the opportunity to train technical and nontechnical personnel all over North and South America. Since 2020, I have specialized in conducting Thinklogical's hands-on Tech 200 and 300 courses at the ATCC as well as serve as a fiber and hardware SME presenting and demonstrating Thinklogical's Dynamic KVM Extension and Secure Switching solutions.