Welcome to Thinklogical Technology 100 Online Training. Technology 100 is the entry course into Thinklogical Education, and is a prerequisite to all online courses that are and will be available in the Technology Series.

Technology 100 lays down a solid foundation and background in KVM, AV, & Fiber prior our Hand-on class. As the technology world grows and evolves, it is beneficial to remain up to date with latest industry standards. Tech 100 provides a known knowledge degree for a smooth transition into other Technology Courses in our Series. 

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Tech 100 Overview:

  • KVM Extension & Switching
  • Digital Video
  • DDC & EDID
  • Audio
  • Peripherals
  • Fiber

Tech 100 Outline & Learning Objectives


KVM Extension & Switching

  • Traditional Desktop KVM Switches
  • Basic TL KVM Extension Solutions
  • Learning & Understanding Benefits of a Fiber Based KVM Extension System
  • Basic TL Terminology & Understanding TL Fiber Data Flow
  • Recognize TL Matrix Switches & Understanding Multicasting
  • Understanding Blocking vs Non-Blocking Switching
  • Basic Overview of TL Partitioning
  • Basic Overview of TL Restricted Switching


Digital Video

  • Recognize and understand differences between DVI-I & DVI-D
  • Understand HDMI 1.4a vs HDMI 2.0 & each’s limitations 
  • Become familiar with DP and its bandwidth
  • Identify Single Link; Dual Link; 4K Resolutions & bandwidth requirements
  • To Understand Cooper Cable Distance Limitations
  • What is High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection; HDCP
  • How HDCP effects KVM Extension
  • Version 2.x of HDCP vs HDCP v1



  • Defining Display Data Channel Communication
  • Understanding Extended Display Identification Data 
  • Learning TL’s DDC Modes, covering differences & applications 
  • Direction of Edid data flow in a Switched environment.



  • Identify Digital Audio Connector Types; RCA, TOSLINK, BNC, XLR, HDMI, DP
  • Become familiar with Digital Audio Formats; S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Embedded HDMI & DP Audio
  • Audio in a Extension environment.
  • Understanding Embedded Audio thru HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI



  • Describe the differences between USB 2.0 & HID
  • Understand the need to remove USB 2.0 at the User Level
  • CAC Card & Token Readers
  • Understanding Basic needs for isolated Video/Audio/KM



  • Explain the differences between Multimode & Single mode Fiber
  • Know the characteristics of OM1; OM2; OM3; OM4 Fiber & Distance Limitations
  • Identify all Connector Types used by TL, LC, SC, ST, Neutrik 
  • Recognize Different Fiber Cable Types; Zip cord, Distribution, Loose Tube, Breakout
  • Best practices; Cleaning, Connecting, Troubleshooting

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4 star rating

Tech 100

Simon Lemire

"I really enjoyed the online training. It was relevant and at a level that was not too deep. Great prep course."

"I really enjoyed the online training. It was relevant and at a level that was not too deep. Great prep course."

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