Tech 200

Perquisite to Tech 300

Tech 200 is a day and half instructor-led classroom training provides basic technical training covering advanced system design, installation, configuration and debug and is designed for sales engineers, system integrators, design consultants and service, and support personnel.

Tech 200 Online Training is an AVIXIA Accredited Course worth 4 Renewal Credits, certificates are generated in person after completing the class.

Training Agenda:

• Thinklogical Technology & Product Overview

• Thinklogical's TLX 10G Family Overview

• SMP-2 Configuration Overview

• Configure the Thinklogical SMP-2 on our SMP Appliance (Hands-On)

• Overview and brief configuration of our previous SMP-1 platform

•Overview of Thinklogical's Restricted Switching & Partitioning Configuration

• Configuring TL Matrix Switches in an extended environment. (Hands-On)

• Thinklogical's TransPlex (CWDM) Overview

• Restricted Switching in a Multi-Classification Environment overview.

•Thinklogical Extension Labs (Hands-On)

• Thinklogical's HDCP Extension Solution (Hands-On)

• Troubleshooting (Hands-On)

• Advanced routing features: best practices

• Q&A discussion


  • All courses are offered at Thinklogical Headquarters, Milford, CT at no charge.
  • Tech 100 courses are offered online.
  • Tech 200 & 300 are only offered as instructor-led classroom training. If conducted at Thinklogical Headquarters, fees are waived. 
  • Onsite Training*, Thinklogical charges a fee of $2,000 per day, plus shipping costs for demonstration equipment. See site requirements below.

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1.5 Days Training Time




John Russell
John Russell
Technical Training

About the instructor


My name is John Russell a Certified Technical Trainer on staff with Thinklogical. Over 10 years with Thinklogical & over 15 years experience in the field. As a seasoned Thinklogical employee I'll be bringing you our latest products and unique KVM solution training. Complete your Tech 100 Online training today to come to visit me in Milford, CT to participate in our Tech 200 & 300 classes!

Thinklogical desires that their partners become expert Sales and Technical resources to deploy Thinklogical solutions. Given the unique and differentiated aspects of our products, Thinklogical requires partners to attend training, come visit our Headquarters in Milford, CT

*Onsite Training Requirements

Room requirements for up to 10 students.

  • Ground floor room with minimum room dimensions of 35 feet long by 25 feet wide
  • Two rows of three 6-foot tables with power outlets close by
  •  5 chairs per row
  • Three 6-foot tables on both sides of the room for hardware
  • One 6-foot table at the front of the room.
  •  2 chairs at front table

 Facility needs to able to accept shipment of approx. 700# of hardware on a single skid pallet.

 Facility should be able to cater morning & afternoon breaks as well as on-site lunch.

 Full service hotels work best.