Tech 300

Advance Training

Tech 300Tech 300 is a two day instructor led advanced hands-on training class. Covering engineering level features the class is designed for system integrators, sales engineers, onsite system administrators & high level system users.  Thinklogical’s Tech 300 training provides customers and partners with the tools they need to install and maintain a Thinklogical KVM system.

Thinklogical Tech 300 is worth 8 InfoComm CTS RU, please submit the certificate generated at the end of the class to AVIXA.

Tech 300 Class Material:

• Advanced look into Designing Thinklogical's Drag & Drop

• Setup & configuration of complete Thinklogical solution (Hands-On)

• Advanced Hotkey Configuration and Usage (Hands-On)

•Configure Multiple OSD Clients (Hands-On)

•Thinklogical's Flex-key Features (Hands-On)

• Multi-Matrix environments – Scaling beyond one matrix (tie lines and parallel solutions) (Hands-On)

• Dark Fiber Applications – Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing - CWDM (Hands-On)

• CAC/Token Reader Discussion & Thinklogical Extension Solution

• Partitioning & Restricted switching in a multi-class environment (theory, design, and practice) (Hands-On)

•Overview for Thinklogical's ASCII API

• Overview of SMP Appliance Advanced Features – System Monitoring & Text Overlay

• Designing hybrid systems (6.25 & 10G) 

•Meet the Thinklogical Design Team

Passing of Thinklogical's Tech 300 Advance Training is based on a Written Test scoring a minimum of 80%


  • All courses are offered at Thinklogical Headquarters, Milford, CT at no charge.
  • Tech 100 courses is offered online.
  • Tech 200 & 300 are only offered as instructor-led classroom training. If conducted at Thinklogical Headquarters, fees are waived. If conducted at a partner facility, Thinklogical charges a fee of $2,000 per day, plus shipping costs for demonstration equipment.

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John Russell
John Russell
Technical Training

About the instructor


My name is John Russell a Certified Technical Trainer on staff with Thinklogical. Over 10 years with Thinklogical & over 15 years experience in the field. As a seasoned Thinklogical employee I'll be bringing you our latest products and unique KVM solution training. Complete your Tech 100 Online training today to come to visit me in Milford, CT to participate in our Tech 200 & 300 classes!

Thinklogical desires that their partners become expert Sales and Technical resources to deploy Thinklogical solutions. Given the unique and differentiated aspects of our products, Thinklogical requires partners to attend training, come visit our Headquarters in Milford, CT



2 Days Classroom Training