Welcome to Technology 151, covering Thinklogical's SMP2 Control System & Control Hardware. This course is estimated 3-4 hours completion, and is required for further continued education.

The SMP2 Software Package Thinklogical’s System Management Portfolio 2.0 includes a specialized software package that provides powerful remote management and maintenance capabilities, making it easier for users to configure, operate and update Thinklogical signal extension and switching systems of any size. 

Among the key enhancements of SMP2: 

• The ability of the OSD to recognize the number of connected monitors. 

• The ability to create Pools. 

• Configurable security classification levels. 

• Includes Dashboard, a software package used to configure the network interfaces, manage services and to enable and manage redundancy and file synchronization. 

The intuitive graphical user interface enables fast set-up and control of each Matrix Switch (also called a Switch or Router) in the system. Tabs along the bottom of the screen allow users to navigate effortlessly through the Drag N Drop, Connection and Macros pages. The Drag N Drop Graphical User Interface makes it easy for users to visualize their workstations onscreen and switch Sources and Destinations by simply moving an icon. 

As room configurations evolve over time, icons representing Sources and Destinations can be added or removed from the layout as required, making it simple to adapt to changing requirements without moving a single cable or wire.


Please feel free to email Thinklogical's Training Department Directly anytime at, [email protected] with any questions. 

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Course Curriculum

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    • Intro

    • Welcome to Thinklogical's SMP2 Training

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    SMP Appliance & SMP2 Overview

    • SMP Appliance - SMP2 Presentation



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