Tech 151 Online Training

SMP & Core Product Training

In these uncertain times, Thinklogical is now offering a slimmed version of Technology 200 Online to Customers as our Technology 151 Course. This Course will provide a very basic understanding of Thinklogical TLX Product line, as well as, a detailed breakdown of our Matrix Switch Control System; SMP/SMP2

Please feel free to email Thinklogical's Training Department Directly anytime at, with any questions. 

Stay Safe & Enjoy

Thinklogical's fiber-optic routing solutions address many complex signal management challenges facing today's broadcast and video post-production professionals. Signal management products from Thinklogical are optimized for a variety of broadcast, mobile, production trucks, and post-production applications where quality, performance, and security are paramount. The new System Management Portfolio, or SMP2, from Thinklogical, improves overall system performance and value by reducing support effort, lowering total cost of ownership, enhancing productivity and maximizing system uptime.

What's included?

5 Videos
19 Texts
4 PDFs
10 Presentations
John Russell
John Russell
Technical Training

About the instructor


My name is John Russell a Certified Technical Trainer on staff with Thinklogical. Over 10 years with Thinklogical & over 15 years experience in the field. As a seasoned Thinklogical employee I'll be bringing you our latest products and unique KVM solution training. Complete your Tech 100 Online training today to come to visit me in Milford, CT to participate in our Tech 200 & 300 classes!

Thinklogical desires that their partners become expert Sales and Technical resources to deploy Thinklogical solutions. Given the unique and differentiated aspects of our products, Thinklogical requires partners to attend training, come visit our Headquarters in Milford, CT