Thinklogical Sales 100

Partner Sales Training

Thinklogical Sales 100

What to Expect from Sales Training

Thinklogical is a Technology Company. As part of the partner program, members are required to complete Sales 100 & Technology 100. 

 This Online Training Course will prepare you, our partner, for the Technical Customer. Understand common issues, key talking points, product function, pre-sales support, post-sales support, customer requirements & needs. 

Key Topics Covered in Sales 100 Online Training

Sales Product Training Outline

Being a great Sales Representative is a great start, and communication with your customer is key, however, there is much more than that. 

So, what kind of knowledge is required to help sales members achieve their goals? Sales members need information that makes them feel more confident and supplies that member with the ammunition needed to fight against our competition.

The knowledge that supports sales objectives:

  • USP of products (Unique Selling Proposition) 
    • Key features of products
    • Product line
    • Profile of customers

  • Installation & Operation
    • Common Product Installation Requirements
    • Common Customer Technical Questions
    • Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Support

  • Position of Product
    • Knowledge of product portfolio
    • Driving Customer Technology Training
    • Understanding and Leveraging Customer Environment 
    • Maintaining an acceptable level of Technical Training

  • Market information
    • How our product fair against other products similar to the market
    • Who are our competitors, and how we compare
    • Where our product falls on quality, price, and features compared to others

  • Solution selling ideas
    • How a feature helps customers to solve a problem
    • Driving Key Benefits
    • What common customer problems do we solve?

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Sales 100 Online Training

What's included?

14 Videos
1 Quiz
29 Texts
13 PDFs
John Russell
John Russell
Technical Training

About the instructor


My name is John Russell a Certified Technical Trainer on staff with Thinklogical. Over 10 years with Thinklogical & over 15 years experience in the field. As a seasoned Thinklogical employee I'll be bringing you our latest products and unique KVM solution training. Complete your Tech 100 Online training today to come to visit me in Milford, CT to participate in our Tech 200 & 300 classes!

Thinklogical desires that their partners become expert Sales and Technical resources to deploy Thinklogical solutions. Given the unique and differentiated aspects of our products, Thinklogical requires partners to attend training, come visit our Headquarters in Milford, CT

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